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Tips on Sowing Seeds for Best Growth

People often ask us for tips on sowing seeds. After all, it can’t be as simple as making a small hole and tossing them in, can it?

Fortunately, our own plant specialist Jennifer Church has some helpful suggestions on how to ensure your plants get off to their best start. Watch the brief video below to see those suggestions in action. (Don’t see the video? Click here.)


  1. Always label your seeds. Otherwise, a week later, you might forget which plants are which!
  2. Depending on the seed, you might want to dampen your soil. In the video’s example, the soil is not completely saturated but lightly glazed over with some water to dampen it.
  3. Remember the depth of the hole needs to be about the width of the seed.
  4. Scoop the dirt to the middle to create a small mound
  5. Put 4 to 6 seeds in each cell.
  6. Take the middle of mounds and gently brush the dirt to cover the seeds.
  7. Apply a small bit of extra soil if needed, to ensure all seeds are fully covered.
  8. Graze over the area lightly with water via a water hose nozzle. 
  9. Gently push down any seeds that have floated to the top of the soil.

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