About Our Services:


Mitchell’s Nursery & Greenhouse offers landscaping consultations. We can give you some professional direction on any of your planting desires, from basic foundation plantings to perennial beds and trees. We can also advise you on shade and sun compatibility, pruning, and how to care for your plants after they are in the ground, including water and fertilizing. We are here to help.

On-site Consultations start at $60.00.

Off-site Consultations start at $100.00 within a 15-mile radius. $2.50 per mile beyond that.

Receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate with your paid consultation to be used toward your plant purchase, and get 5% off of subsequent purchases made within 30 days.

Getting Started

All consultations must be scheduled ahead of time. Contact us at 336-983-4107 or info@mitchellsnursery.com, to set up your appointment today!

Simply measure your area to be planted, and bring a simple drawing or picture of your area with those measurements to your appointment. We will assign one of our knowledgeable associates to help you with the what, where, and how of your DIY landscape project.

Mitchell's Nursery - Landscape Consultations

Measuring Your Project

If you are looking to do a foundation planting—that is, the planting you do around the foundation of your home—you will need to bring a simple drawing or picture of your home and the following measurements:

  • Across the entire front of your home. If your home has alcoves, you will need to measure from corner to corner on each outside wall. From the bottom of your windows to the ground.
  • Between each window, and from the window to any outside corners.
  • From the outside corner to any porches or steps.
  • From the outside wall of your house to the edge of your designated planting area.
If you are going to be planting an area, you will need to bring a simple drawing or picture of your area along with the following measurements:

  • From any structure wall to the outside edge of your bedding area. If there is no structure in your area, you will need to measure from side to side at its widest point and a separate measurement at its narrowest points.
  • From the edge of the bed to any street or sidewalk areas.
  • If planting a bed along a structure, measure under any windows.
  • Include measurements from bedding edges to any walls, steps, or other trees, bushes, etc. that may be in or around your bedding area.
Mitchell's Nursery - Landscape Consultation