We grow one of the largest selections of trees and shrubs in the North Carolina Triad area. Our plants are well suited for this region. We will also consult you on the planting and caring of your trees and shrubs.

Mitchell's can help you design a custom landscape plan to suit you and your house. Just make an appointment and bring by measurements of the outside of your house, including window height and width; pictures help.

Fall, winter, and early spring is the best time to plant trees and shrubs. The roots get a chance to grow out before it gets too hot and dry in the summer, which is less stressful on the plant.


• Deciduous
• Evergreen
• Bloom-a-thon
• Encore


• Lace Cap
• Oak Leaf
• Panicle
• Smooth
• Big Leaf

Butterfly bushes

• Proven Winners


• Yuletide
• Victory white
• Marie Bracey
• Our Linda
• Greensboro Red

Be sure to stop by and take a look as we carry many more evergreen shrubs than can be listed.


Hollies - Abelia - Distyllium - euonymous - boxwood - spirea - viburnum - osmanthus - weigela - rhododendron - lilac - juniper - cephelotaxus - quince - button bush - chamaecyparis - sweet shrub - beautyberry - loropetalum - barberry - aucuba - aronia - roses - crape myrtle - pieris - sweetspire