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Poinsettia TLC: Everlasting Poinsettias

Keep Your Poinsettias for Multiple Seasons
November to December-
Enjoy your new poinsettia for the Holidays.
January to February-
Reduce watering and allow the plant to become dormant.
March to April-
Prune back your poinsettia and begin to water and fertilize.
May to September-
Allow your poinsettia to get plenty of bright light. You may want to put your poinsettia outside in a protected area so that it gets plenty of sunlight without being burnt from too much exposure. Continue to water and fertilize regularly. You may want to pinch the top out of the poinsettia to encourage more branching.
September to November-to start bract color
You should begin to shorten the light exposure to your plants around the beginning of September. Bring them inside, place a cardboard box over them or put them in a closet at night to increase their dark time to 12 hours per night until the end of October and bracts are coloring. Decrease watering just a bit until the bracts are fully colored. At this time, increase its light exposure and resume normal regular watering.
Enjoy your poinsettia for another Holiday Season!

Poinsettia TLC: Keep your Poinsettias Perky