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Love Your Indoor Plants

As the winter months drag on, we as humans tend to fall into the winter doldrums. Instead of setting our sights on the prize, Spring! This is true also with our house plants. We go about watering them as usual, but they still always look a little sad during the winter months.

There are 6 main reasons our plants that we share our living space with, look so depressed.


Heat sources are not a good roommate for plants. You may have had your Swedish vine sitting on top of the beautiful mantel all year, but did you think to move it when winter came and you actually had to use the fireplace? Any source of heat that you don’t use all year can affect your plants negatively. So check their location and move them out of the bath of direct heated airflow. Your plants will thank you.


You have put time and effort into your plants all year. Now that it is winter you have the time to give them some love by getting the dust off of their leaves. When dust accumulates on the leaves of any plant it smothers their ability to produce oxygen and to take in much-needed light. Even a light layer of dust can reduce the amount of light taken in by the leaves by 35%. So take the time to use a damp paper towel and wipe down the individual leaves or at least the ones that are visibly dusty.


We tell ourselves that a shot of miracle grow at every or every other watering will produce a lush plant. Sometimes we are correct but other times, not so much. Your indoor plants are no different than your outdoor plants. they all go through a period of dormancy. It usually happens in the winter when the lighting changes and the temperatures, even in your home, change too. It is a good idea to stop the fertilizing around October and do not do it again till around march or April. Overuse of fertilizer can do more harm than good in the long run.


You find the perfect plant. You take it home and find the perfect place to put it. You enjoy its beautiful growth. Then, along comes October all dressed up in days that are shorter, Nights that are longer, and temperatures that are cooler. Suddenly your beautiful plant doesn’t look so happy. Probably because the sun’s light crosses the sky differently. What may have been perfect in May is not going to be the same in October. You really need to make sure you have a plan b. you will need to see where and when the sun is landing in your home now. Move your plant to the spot that is nearest to the same light you had when you brought it home. Many miss this little tidbit.


This is the most common mistake made among plant lovers.

we assume that the soil must be wet at all times. That just is not the case. Most plants fare better if they are thoroughly soaked and then let dry until the top 1/4 inch of soil is dried out. If the soil isn’t allowed to dry some it can cause root rot. this is definitely something that is difficult for any plant to recover from.


This is where your hair begins to succumb to static electricity. If the air is charged it is too dry for your plants but it is an easy fix. Simply fill a spray bottle with water and mist your leaves about every day or every other day. You will begin to see a huge difference.