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It’s Spring! Let’s Get Planting!

Spring has finally sprung, and it is time to really focus on our gardens and flower beds. Any avid gardener knows that this time of year brings color and joy to every space. There is nothing better than the feel of soft, fresh soil on your hands. Whether you are planting vegetables for preserving or to eat fresh through the growing season, it is time to get those babies in the ground and started growing.

Annual flowers give a burst of color throughout the growing season. They will give you the best color for all summer. Though they do not overwinter, they allow you to change up the theme or color combination from year to year.

Maybe you are considering a new shrub that will bring beauty and happiness to your space for many years to come. Despite common belief, you can plant now. Just remember to dig your hole twice the size of the pot. Don’t cover the top of the rootball with soil when you backfill the hole; instead, loosen the roots a bit before putting the rootball in the ground, and most importantly, water, water, water. Don’t water daily, but water thoroughly when you do water. This is true of all new plantings. Water is the key to success with any plant. 

Now that everything is planted, you’re done, right? Well, no. Your plants will need plenty of water and some fertilizer to give you their best. You also want to be sure that the planting area stays free of weeds as they will steal water and nutrients from your plants. By keeping weeds and grass away from your plants, they will not be damaged by your weedeater. We see a lot of damage on trees, especially, by weedeaters and sometimes from those who make a living by mowing. Also, you will want to be sure to follow the lighting recommendations that come with your plants. 

If you have any questions, you can call your local nursery or your local extension office for more information.