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Getting a Jumpstart on Spring

Can you imagine going to your garden in early spring and gathering vegetables for a fresh spring salad, even before a lot of veggies are ready to plant? Make your salad as simple or as complex as you want. There will be plenty to work with.

Cabbages offer a crisp texture and a bittersweet taste that please a picky pallet. Throw in some fresh lettuce for a softer bite and a gentle flavor. Broccoli adds a coarse texture and a mild taste. Cauliflower has a texture less coarse than broccoli and a touch of sweetness. Throw in a few radishes and onions for a bite, and you have a great salad, even before it is salad season. Add a few pansies or violas for a garnish.

In zone 7, spring comes earlier than northern zones and stays longer than southern zones. Therefore, our zone is ideal for growing most all cool weather crops. They grow, not only in the spring, but they do an encore performance in the early fall.

Right now is the best time to plant! Fill your garden spaces or pots with these veggies to help you hold onto hope for spring. It won’t be as long as it feels like it will be. Mitchell’s has collards, spinach, and broccoli ready to plant and others on the way.

Broccoli Kale Spinach Cabbage
Carrots Potatoes Beets Arugula
Peas Radishes Turnips Brussels sprouts
Pak Choi Lettuces Swiss Chard Cauliflower
Collards Onions Kohlrabi Pansies

So many choices and endless combinations to bring spring to your dinner table a little early.

We also have pansies and violas to add color to your salad. They are edible also!

So, start planting now and enjoy the yield, enjoy the garden, enjoy the outside time.