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Pansies and Violas, Bright and Beautiful for fall.


 Pansies and violas offer color as the weather transitions to cool crisp autumn days. Cool-season plants are in vogue from September to March.  They make their autumn debut in gardens, recipes, and fall events. Some fall headliners include mums, pansies, asters, violas, and a variety of vegetables. Chrysanthemums are the #1 contender among fall flowers. Pansies and violas rival mums in resilience, variety, and maintenance.      

Difference Between Pansies and Violas

  Pansies and violas are in the same family and share many of the same attributes.  Yet there are major differences between the two.  Violas are smaller but produce a larger number of blooms. They are more resilient and last for several years under the right conditions. Pansies are bigger, come in more varieties, and are generally preferred. While less hardy than their predecessors, pansies under the right conditions, last through spring.

The Best Time To Plant

It is best to plant cool-season plants after the summer heat has broken (mid-September through October). Violas and pansies also do well when planted in early spring or late winter.   Many big box stores put their cool-season plants out in mid to late July or early August.  Avoid this batch because they will likely be leggy, distressed, or ready to die back when it comes time to plant them.

Plants With Versatility 

The ground is not the only place where they thrive. They also do well as container plants and can be used alone or as companion plants with flowering kale and ornamental cabbage.  Regardless of the choice of plant, or method of planting, they will give winter scenery color when spring flowers and shrubs have gone dormant. they add color when only the evergreens provide life to an otherwise barren landscape.


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