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All about Hydrafiber

What’s all the Hype about HydraFiber?

Whether you’re brand new to plants, maintaining a landscaping or gardening business, or looking to improve your plant retention as a professional gardener, HydraFiber® is a new and innovative growing material you should think about trying!
What is HydraFiber®, you ask? According to their website, HydraFiber® is an approximately 98% porous fiber substrate with extremely low bulk density. The Hydrafiber company is located in Conover, NC, and has made great strides within the gardening, landscaping, farming, and greenhouse industries. Made from Yellow Southern Pine trees, the growing medium is verified to be environmentally friendly and an excellent replacement for traditional soil amendments like peat moss and vermiculite, which have been in short supply for the past few years. Research has been going on for several years and other growers have tried HydraFiber® with success. We’re excited to trial HydraFiber® in some of our growing mediums this year! We will be trialing a few geraniums, hanging baskets, a few flats of annuals, and a few perennials in Jolly Gardeners’ Pro-Line C/B Mix which contains 20% HydraFiber®. HydraFiber® has been scientifically proven to help plants absorb 10%-36% more water than other brands. The amount of air space and moisture in the growing medium helps establish root systems quicker. It doesn’t need to be expanded with water to work well. Overall, HydraFiber®  is an excellent growing medium to keep in mind when thinking of how to improve your growing process. 

We’re excited to try this new growing medium out! If we find success, we will begin selling bags of Jolly Gardener’s Pro-Line C/B Hydrafiber Growing Mix, and possibly try out other HydraFiber®  mixes with different varieties of plants! 

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Happy Growin’! 

Filling trays with Jolly Gardener Pro-Line HF C/B