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Princess Lilies, The Fairest of Them All

If you have ever seen princess lilies, A.K.A alstroemeria lilies,  you know that they are the fairest of them all. They look delicate, smell heavenly, and are used in a lot of cut arrangements. Don’t be fooled by their delicate appearance, alstroemeria will last in a vase much longer than most other lilies and will offer you beautiful blooms outside for most of the summer. However, I’m sure there are plenty of people that are genuinely afraid to take these tiny lilies home for fear of killing them. That’s why you’re here right? To find out what to do to keep them alive and beautiful?

It really isn’t as hard as it may seem to keep these beauties going all summer. You just need to tie them up to a stake for the taller varieties. They will bloom through the summer and lend color to your garden or pots with beauty and grace. Their sensitive appearance really is quite deceiving! The varieties that we sell are naturally dwarf with no staking required.

Alstroemeria prefers that their soil be kept evenly moist. Try not to let them dry out too much too often. Though they will bounce back fairly quickly, if it happens too often it may prove to be a bit more than the plant can handle and remain healthy. Leaves will turn brown, but if watered before too many of them brown, they will bounce back. Just remove the brown leaves to improve their appearance.

For best results, feed your alstroemeria with a high potash content fertilizer. Liquid bedding and vegetable fertilizers work well. However, you can use a well-rounded time-release fertilizer, such as Osmocote as well. Once a bloom cluster is spent, don’t just deadhead it. Cut the entire stem off at the base of the plant. this will stimulate new growth. 

After a few years in a pot or the ground, you can remove your alstroemeria and divide its roots to spread or share. The root systems are happy being compact but can quickly become too much for your containers and may affect their ability to take up nutrients and water as needed.

Overall, princess lilies are a fairly low-maintenance plant choice for your pots or for your beds. If your friends and family are not familiar with them, you are sure to look like a master! 

Happy Gardening!