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Pretty Pest Control for Your Garden.

There are many different kinds of plants that act as natural pest control. The obvious choices would be fragrant herbs, such as oregano, or lemongrass. Oregano has long been known for its aromatic properties and its culinary uses. But, did you know that it also repels insects In a 10-foot area around the plant? 

Oregano will repel most insects including the green hornworm. That makes this herb a superhero when planted in your garden. Thyme is another herb with pest control ability, specifically cabbage worms. Chives and garlic deter aphids, which no one needs in their garden. When these two are planted in your garden amongst your tomatoes and other veggies, pests will steer clear of these areas. And hey, it only makes sense to plant all of this together! This section of your garden could be called “spaghetti sauce”  

While these herbs lend themselves to the prevention of garden pest problems, there are many floral choices as well. Marigolds have often been used around the perimeter of a garden to keep the tiny pests at bay. However, marigolds are not the only beauties that can keep the local insect population to a minimum. Citronella geraniums or scented geraniums are also an excellent choice, along with lavender, nasturtiums, and any kind of mint.

So, don’t just plant your veggies and hope for the best. Plant your veggies alongside some of these choices to keep your garden pests at bay. Then, enjoy a pesticide-free harvest. Pest control never looked so good!