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Pretty Pansies in a Pot

August marks the beginning of our next growing season here at the nursery. Soon we will put thousands of pretty pansies in a pot to make their way to your home. Every summer we put tiny little pansy starts into flats, 6 packs, 4-inch singles, and 6″ singles. We are also going to be filling hanging baskets and terra cotta-colored planters. 

A Way of Life

Each year, the pretty pansies become our focus in early spring and again in late summer and early fall. They give the spring and early summer excellent color, and then again in the fall all the way through winter. Pansies are about the only flower that can withstand the cold winter temps and even snow without losing their blooms. So, when the weather turns white and the trees turn gray you can count on pansies to provide some color to your day. 

A Sight to Behold

Usually, by the first part of September, you can come by the nursery and see exactly how many pansies are growing. Not all of what you see will make it to the retail area. Beginning in the summer, we begin to receive orders from local businesses. We grow these contractually each year. When they show color and the plants are rooted enough to be transplanted, our contracted pansies start to leave. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty to go around for our retail customers. They can be purchased by the flat or the cell pack and in hanging baskets and planters. It is easy to remove the wire from a hanging basket and just drop it into the top of a planter that you already have and voila, instant gorgeousness for your space. Or you can drop 6″ pots of pansies straight into permanent planters and get the same effect. 

We look forward to seeing you around the nursery this fall.  

Happy Gardening!