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Just do Something Nice

Mother’s Day doesn’t just cover all the moms in your life. It also should call for the celebration of any woman who has had a positive impact in any way. That could be your grandmother or your aunt. It might even be your mother-in-law or someone from your church. A teacher, a friend, or a co-worker. No matter who the special woman is, let her know that you appreciate her. 

Sadly, there are many people that are housebound or live in nursing facilities and don’t really have any family to come visit them. Consider “adopting” a senior. Speak with your local nursing facility and visit with a resident once a month, not just on Mother’s Day. So, such a small gesture could have an impact greater than you could imagine.

If you visit the cemetery on Mother’s Day, maybe take extra flowers to put on a grave that never had any. That may be a former teacher or church sister. Honor them by taking a small plant to their grave. Or even better, if they are still with us, stop by and say thank you in person. Let them know the influence they had on your life and take a plant as a token of that appreciation.

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to do something nice. However, it sure is a good time to start a new habit. Teach your children the importance of respect. Have them open doors and offer to load or carry groceries for ladies who shop alone. Teach them the value of please and thank you. Small gestures such as this are fading into the past. As mothers, our children are a reflection of ourselves. We raise good humans and in turn, we are celebrated on this day.  

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who are moms, who have moms, or who remember moms. Also to all the women who have touched lives and influenced the good humans of the earth, you deserve to be celebrated too!