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Excitement is Building at the Nursery



Excitement is building for spring. Blooms and colors are popping out everywhere. It is no wonder that everyone is buzzing about plants. Now is the time. Even though Mother Nature can still throw us a curve ball in April, for the most part, it is safe to put your hardier veggies and annuals into the ground. It might be a good idea to still keep your eyes on the nightly temps as they can still dip below 40 and this could prove to be fatal for some plants. If the forecast is showing lower temps it might be a good idea to cover your new plants. It is not necessary to cover your new shrubs and trees as they have all been out in the nursery all winter and are acclimated to the cooler temps. According to our average last frost date for our area, you should be able to sow seeds and get your other veggies and annuals in the ground anytime now. However, do still be cautious of the nightly weather or you may find yourself buying the same plants all over again.

Take care to make sure that your new plants get plenty of water. Just because it rains doesn’t mean they are getting enough water. Use a rain gauge to get a better understanding of how much rain is really falling, especially during very hot and dry weather. Generally speaking, an inch of rain per week is optimal for new plantings and veggie gardens, and we don’t really get that inch very often. Keep in mind that just because the weatherman says an inch fell at the weather station where their information comes from, that does not mean that an inch of rain fell at your home. That is exactly why we recommend that every gardener invests in a rain gauge. 

Enjoy the experience of shopping for spring plants and the excitement that comes with visiting your local garden center for the first time since winter. Nothing quite feels as good as knowing the warm weather is on the horizon and the whole world will soon return to full color, which is a stark change from our monochrome winters. A renewed sense of life and cheerful smiles make spring the best season ever!!!