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Em’ Oh Em’ Shout it! MOM

Whether you will spend the day far away from your mom, you’re all up in her life, or maybe you will spend the day remembering her. Either way, there is something to be said about live flowers for Mother’s Day. Unlike cut flowers, live-rooted flowers will be around for her to enjoy for at least a whole season. You may decide on a flowering shrub or a perennial instead. She can enjoy the beautiful gift you have given her year after year.

Some of the most popular gifts for moms or any special woman in your life are:

  • Bedding Plants 

Marigolds, scarlet sage, petunias, vinca, impatiens, angelonia, sea roses, lantana, and many more annual bedding plants give beauty for a season without all the fuss after they die back. These allow for change every year. Changing colors and textures keep things interesting.

  • Hanging Baskets

Who wouldn’t love to receive a beautiful hanging basket for Mothers Day? They come in so many different varieties and colors you’ll surely find something mom would love. The size of the hanging basket often makes it possible to just remove the wires and drop it into a pot and you have an instant planter! Or you can plant it in the ground for an instant flower bed.

  • Azaleas

Azaleas are a favorite for remembrance and a gift for anyone who loves flowers. Azaleas bloom in a variety of colors and are easy to grow making these a lasting favorite. Encore and Perfecto Mundo offer blooms in the fall as well as the spring and don’t lose their leaves through the winter. Or if she likes a more natural look, you could buy her a deciduous azalea that looks as natural as the beauty she possesses.

  • Perennials

A gift of perennials will give back every year. With new growth and blooms every year, they remind the receiver of how much they are loved. These plants will last and offer birds food and shelter in the wintertime if you don’t clear the dead stalks and limbs or the seed pods. So, essentially they serve a dual purpose. 

  • Geraniums

Geraniums look good all summer and offer classic color.  They do great on the porch or patio.

Whether it’s your own mom or someone else’s mom, or maybe it’s simply in memory of a loved one, it is always a great idea to give a gift that is rooted in love.

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