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All You Need to Know About Air Plants

Air Plants, Otherwise known as the tillandsia. Native to Central America and Mexico, it has also been naturalized in Florida, These plants can be found in areas   That are very warm and dry. Growing on trees in large clusters. 


Caring for your air plant is super easy. Their water needs are minimal. In fact, you can get by just misting your air plant about once per week. They do not need soil as they cling to whatever host is near. This is where you can use your imagination and define your style and personality. Tillandsias will grow anywhere in your home. They will excel in a south-facing window. You can add some fish emulsion to water in a spray bottle and mist them once per week.


Air plants seem to do well without soil or even a container, but they enjoy clinging to cork bark, wood, limbs, and wood decorations. Terrariums, glass globes and vases. Your container choices should reflect your personality and style. It is for sure that the tillandsia or air plant, as it is more commonly known will add a whole new layer of you within your space.


To mount your air plant you will need to glue it, clip it, or wire it to your mounting piece. within four to six weeks your air plant will have developed a small root system and begin to grip the item you decide for them to live on or in.

So, I think you should get at least one air plant. They are visually exciting and wonderful conversation starters if you entertain in your home. A complete collection of the many varieties available makes a statement,


When your air plant matures you may see small plants beginning to grow from the bottom of the plant. when the new plant is at least half the size of the host, you can use a sharp knife to separate the two. The young plant will not be ready to mount to anything, but you can lay them on a small bed of peat moss until the root system begins to take form. At this point, you are ready to expand the collection

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