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5 Important Chores For Your Garden

Your garden in July can be as beautiful a place to be as any. But, if you ignore the important chores for your garden at hand, it may not stay beautiful for very long. It is important to remember the chores of summer to maintain the beauty and healthy growth of your plants, so, let’s start with #1. 

Deadhead annuals & perennials

Unless you want them to set seed, you need to deadhead annuals and perennials in your garden to keep the seed from dropping. Or, if you are looking to collect the seed, you should be looking for some seed pods to be starting to set now. Deadheading, also actually helps the plant to be full and healthy.

Tying up the tall ones

Some of your perennials are probably getting a little taller by now. This is the perfect time to add some support for them so that they remain in an upright position. Adding bamboo stakes or tomato cages for your plants will keep them looking good and standing tall in your summer growing spaces. This is one chore that gives instant results.

Pinching the late bloomers

Now would be the perfect time to pinch back your perennials that bloom a bit later in the season. This will give them a bushier effect rather than growing so tall and leggy.  This will also help keep them from falling over in your garden and relieve the need for the stakes. or tomato cages.

Weed out the bad things

It is important to keep your garden as well weeded as possible.  It’s not going to help much just to cut them down. You need to pull up the plant with the root intact so it won’t grow back. These stubborn plants are robbing your garden of essential nutrition and much-needed water. Keeping a small hand shovel handy works great to help get the roots up so that they don’t break off. If you don’t get the roots they will grow right back,  reinforcing their root strength and depth.

Water, water everywhere

Anything you have planted in containers or hanging baskets, plants may need to be watered twice a day. The summer heat can be unforgiving. On the hottest of days, it doesn’t take long for soil to dry out in the containers. Your plants will suffer if you are not diligent with the H20. One way to help your plants when you are on a busy schedule is to use a water bottle filled with tap water. Put 4 or 5 small holes in the lid and screw it back on the bottle turn it upside down and press the top down into your soil. Then make a tiny hole in the bottom to allow for free flow. The soil will keep it from losing all its water at once. Your plant will get a steady flow of moisture. For larger pots, you may want to use two. 


You want to make sure that you keep a regular harvest schedule. Picking veggies and fruits on a regular basis will allow for a longer and more productive crop season. Harvesting also keeps your plants growing strong and healthy. If you miss harvesting on time, be sure that you remove anything that is overgrown or showing signs of rot as soon as possible. If you plan to be away, ask a neighbor or friend to harvest for you until you return.

Now that all that is done, have some lemonade. Happy Gardening!



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