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The Surprising Link Between Health and Houseplants

The surprising link between health and houseplants begins in the human mind. Many plants have been proven to improve moods, lower stress, and even clean the air you breathe. We have compiled a list of common plants that benefit your health and are easy to keep alive! These are a few of the best options for those who struggle to keep things alive and growing:

  • Snake Plant
  • Pothos
  • Swiss Cheese Monstera
  • Rabbit Foot Fern
  • Parlor Palm
  • Aloe Vera


More Benefits and The Science Behind Them

 According to a study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, “Plants reduce stress and feelings of anxiety and depression. Plant soil releases a bacterium that triggers serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. Also, houseplants increase creativity. Taking care of houseplants has the same stress-reducing power as being outside in a forest.”

A research study from The University of Michigan has shown that being around plants and nature can improve memory and attention by as much as 20%.


So, why wouldn’t you want to put a few houseplants in your home? Find your favorite and take it home, or take it to the office. They make the best roommates. However, they can’t help you pay the rent.


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Snake plant a natural air purifier




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