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Minding Your Fall Mums

   It is Time to Get our Minds into Fall.

 As your mum produces blooms you will find that deadheading is beneficial to the production of new blooms and making the blooms last longer.  
When putting your hardy mums into the ground, keep in mind that they love rich well-drained soil. Lots of sunshine and water will keep them lovely. Be sure to mulch well with pine needles or mulch, working it around the stems at ground level. You don’t want to cut off the spent growth until spring as the new shoots emerge. Divide your plants about every two years to keep them from getting too crowded. 
As was mentioned before, not all hardy mums are tolerant in all zones, so do your homework. If you are only interested in their short-term appeal as an annual, the sky is the limit. Use your imagination and go wild. Either way, you are sure to enjoy these fall favorites no matter how you choose to use them.