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Festive Arrangements for Fall

It’s Fall, y’all! As the season transitions from Summer to Autumn, you may notice your summer floral blooms dwindle in both quantity and quality. Now is the time to put together Festive Fall Arrangements! Fall is an excellent time to plant because the cooler temperatures allow the roots to settle in without stress. Here at Mitchell’s Nursery and Greenhouse, we offer a wide array of flowers and ornamental foliage to brighten up your garden, business, and home.  Our favorite flowers for fall are Violas, Pansies, and Mums. All of these blooms hold up beautifully throughout the autumn, serving as a smooth transition from summer flowers like Geraniums or Zinnias. We also recommend layering your Fall Arrangements with cool, crisp foliage like Ornamental Kale and Cabbage,  or even Red Mustard and Swiss Chard. It all depends on what color scheme you prefer in your arrangement, but these recommendations will get along with each other within a container. For this article, we will be using the popular “Thriller, Filler, and Spiller” Method. 

Steps for making Festive Arrangements for Fall

1. Add your “Thrillers” to the center or back of your flower container. Thrillers include ornamental kale and fall mums. They provide a pop of color sure to turn heads!

2. Next, add in your “Fillers,” which would be plants such as dianthus, pansies, and violas. They should be tucked around your “Thrillers” and serve to provide more drama for your container.

3. Last but not least, finish your Festive Fall Arrangement with “Spillers,” which are plants that spill over the container and soften the edges of the display. Great plants to use for this would be Creeping Jenny, Ivy or Vinca Major, or Wave Pansies, to name a few. 

And there you have it! Remember to water afterward with cold water, then water every few days to maintain your display. With proper care, these Festive Fall Container Arrangements should last all season! 

Happy Planting!